Softendo Mario Forever Download PC
I've Fixed annoying opening window with softendo url. Now you can play freely without this disadvantage. (read more)
Some people asked me to add the old third party Mario Crossover game. So now you can download it from download section. (read more)
Download Mario Forever KIDS
Excellent and suitable fangame for kids 2-6 years old. Game is a remake of Super Mario Forever game, but significally easier. Unlimited lives,
frequently placed check points before every pit and dangerous place

Download New Mario Forever 6.0
This is the latest continuation of Super Mario 3 : Mario Forever. This is completly new game! Enter to world of New Super Mario Forever 2012 fight on eight large maps filled with plenty of levels and secret stages. use many powerups like tanooki, bomberman, Boomer-Man, Wegetable Super Power, Power star, Power Clock, Fire flower and much more! The diversity of the levels is very impressive. Game has also renewed graphics and much better scrolling in comparison to the original Mario. ​​

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Welcome to Softendo Mario Forever Games. If you are here propably you are fan of freeware and fangames. Here you will find lots of platform games, arcade games, retro style, survival for your PC. If you don't want to download closed game platform by download in old-scholl style just go to Mario Games section. All games are free and free of any adwares or viruses, so play freely and don't bother about any useless junk.

Have a nice playing time!

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Mario MinigameSurvival Download

Shoot, shoot, shoot, change weapons and shoot again! Make combo, shoot and something like that.
Mario Online is a small platform shooter game. Created in 2007 year. I always wanted to make a survival Mario games for everyone with plenty of mushroom-like power-ups and weapons. Game project from 2006 year.
Yesss, Mario is Online to Offline. Shoot to the funny puffy enemies!


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Mario Forever Soundtracks
Mario Forever remake - first fangame relased on softendo mario forever games for pc. Download one of the best Mario Forever remake clone. Excellent equivalent of oryginal Super Mario 3 : Mario Forever, suitable for players who prefer old classic style like Mario Forever 4.4 and earlier versions had. All effects like smoke, blur, paralax scrolling, special effects, sun, sparkling, blur effects, particles are off. So if you are looking for playing in retro style moved from 2002's this version of game is right for you.

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Mario Worker - This interesting position is not really a game – it is something better. Mario Worker is a toolset, which lets you create Mario games yourself! Now you can design your own Mario game even without possessing expert programming knowledge – just download Mario Worker and begin your creation! Build complete levels from the blocks, as if you were playing with bricks – it really is so easy! Place Koopa monsters wherever you wish, drag and drop coins to put them on the map for Mario to collect, install pipes, leading to another locations, music and sound effects just by clicking on them... Making a game has never been so easy!

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Softendo Mario Forever Download PC